My masto instance had missing migrations, maybe why it wasn't working well, and why my timeline is so misordered in

Note to self, set up with as the domain for extreme hackiness

( or experiment with )

I'm going to start blogging about my relationship, in private-only mode, but just for my records and reference, so I can better work out if I'm being messed about

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Kind of a pre-announcement: the #activitypub implementation for #Lemmy has reached a usable state, and we are planning to start some test servers with working federation in the next days.

Before you get too excited, the implementation is still in a very early state and will take a lot more time before its ready for production. We aren't even thinking about federation with other platforms yet.

Listening to BBC Radio 2's "Caped Crusaders" has been the most pleasant evening I've had in a while! Never been so excited for radio...

Streaming on twitch was a terrible idea. I just burn out almost immediately :(

Oh man. Just discovered . Federated spotify. …God bless the

Why does not behave well when LOCAL_DOMAIN != WEB_DOMAIN? @fedilab

Started using MessagEase for typing on android. It's old yet revolutionary...

I've been plotting filthy shenanigans with hostname resolution and actor scripts to make my instance able to follow virtual @* accounts, since my twitter is very much a read-only data feed, when i remember it even exists

Ok I know I only just got my new instance up (and still haven't even managed to properly migrate from, but I'm already thinking of moving again, from mastodon to . It looks so much more lean and hackable, and it can use the same frontend, with full feature parity. Am i missing something or is that a win win?

Once I finish the nix config for it it'll just be a case of figuring out how to move my data from one db to the other. (I gather masto dbs aren't exactly neat...)

Patiently waiting for yet another PR to merge so I can have spend yet another week trying to update on my raspi. It's only been a month or so since it last built properly...

@garbados Definitely agree. I guess problem is like any distributed p2p platform it has the issue that it won't get enough attention until it gets critical mass and can't get critical mass without more attention

This may start a flame war 

@freemo I don't fit in any of these categories... I love vim AND emacs (of my own custom distribution). They're different tools for different purposes! Someone add a 'both' option

@garbados ooh, I love ssb as a concept. Just that, every time I've tried to use it, it's been such an unfriendly user experience. And that's as someone who hates oversimplification!

@yogthos I agree, and I generally have no problem with the alternatives to capitalism, but implementing them leaves the implementor open to the outbreaks of fascism that every nation that has tried has experienced.

It's gonna be nigh impossible to dethrone capitalism without a considerably higher social trust index, and considerably more trustworthy humans, but those are the things that capitalism needs to be functional let alone bearable.

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